Car Finance for Blacklisted Individuals

Car Finance for Blacklisted Individuals

For those who are blacklisted, the road to car ownership can often seem like a dead end. Car financing for blacklisted is not just a challenge; it’s typically off the table. But with SA Motor Lease, you’re not at the end of your journey — you’re just taking a different path.

SA Motor Lease: A Different Approach to Car Ownership

Our rent to Buy scheme is a groundbreaking alternative to traditional, often unattainable, car financing methods. With us, the concept of being blacklisted doesn’t hinder your ability to drive a vehicle. Instead of focusing on your credit past, we concentrate on your ability to manage the present and future.

Rent to Buy: Your Pathway to Ownership

Although car financing for blacklisted is not readily available, with SA Motor Lease, blacklisted individuals find a practical and cost-effective way to access a vehicle. Our Rent to Buy model is straightforward: select the car you desire, enjoy the benefits of ownership, and bypass the stringent requirements typically imposed by financial institutions. We offer significant savings and exclusive loyalty benefits to enhance your experience.

Innovative Loyalty Programme

Our unique loyalty scheme is designed with your long-term goals in mind. Commit to renting the same vehicle for 48, 54, or 60 months*, and the final sale price is only R100. It’s our way of rewarding your dedication and helping you progress towards ownership.

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