Uber Drivers


Uber Drivers

Uber Driver? Lease your Car through SA Motor Lease
SA Motor Lease offers a driver rental scheme through our association with Pace Fleet that allows drivers to basically run their own Uber business. Don’t accept the normal 20% of turnover when you can lease a vehicle from Pace Fleet and make more than R10,000 per month (if you work 60 hours per week). You can employ your own driver (registered with Uber) to drive the vehicle when you are not using it, and reap the benefits of that driver’s work paid directly to you. Usually your first 30 hours worked covers your rental of the car for the week, and on average a smart driver will get R75 per hour worked thereafter, so he/she/they will make about R2250 per week if he/she/they work 60 hours per week.

Rental of vehicle is charged at approximately R2,800 per week including maintenance, insurance and all running costs.

Your rental vehicle will already be pre-registered for Uber so when you get your car you start driving and earning immediately. Pace Fleet will get your weekly take, charge the vehicle to your account and disburse the remaining money to your account.

This scheme works well for a person or 2 people sharing an Uber car who are able to earn more than R7,000 per week with their Uber car, or people willing to drive for more than 52 hours per week. If you are prepared to work more than 52 hours a week, you will immediately lift your earnings by R75 per hour worked when you rent an Uber car.

Finally, Uber Driver’s can rent a car without paying for extra mileage and without issues registering the car with Uber.

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