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About us

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The SA Motor Lease rent to buy concept is the new way to buy a car. It was conceived by a need to meet the needs of long term car rental clients by helping them receive the benefits of ownership for being a loyal vehicle hiring client.

Rent to Buy provides a tangible solution for those who’ve been declined for traditional finance due to low credit scores, being blacklisted, or under debt review. They grant individuals access to a vehicle when they otherwise would not have been able to be mobile.

Over the years SA Motor Lease has grown its client base and assisted 1000’s of clients to be mobile, and fulfil their work and family obligations. The SA Motor Lease Rent to buy cars option has numerous benefits such as returning their vehicle without penalties, opting to finance the vehicle through the banks should their credit situation improve, upgrade or downgrade at any time, the monthly rental includes vehicle licensing, tracking, insurance waivers, accident management, maintenance assistance and much more.