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Why Rent to Buy

Why Rent to Buy? This is a common question many people ask. There are many benefits to a Rent to Buy subscription compared to traditional vehicle ownership. Find out below what SA Motor Lease can offer you.

Why choose us?

  • Lowest deposits
  • No termination fees if you choose to return your vehicle
  • Cheaper than rental
  • Wide variety of great quality vehicles
  • Upgrade or downgrade at anytime

Advantages of Rent to Buy

  • Buyers who don’t qualify for vehicle finance are able to get their own vehicle
  • You can fix a sales price for a date in the future, the longer you rent, the less we want for the vehicle on sale
  • You are basically test driving the vehicle before you decide to upgrade downgrade or remain loyal to one vehicle
  • It allows you to build equity and help improve your credit rating, when you sell the vehicle and use the funds wisely
  • It is a good match for people with no credit history such as foreigners and graduates
  • For small to medium enterprises or start-up companies, rent to buy serves as a good fit
  • It gives blacklisted individuals an opportunity to get their own vehicle whilst simultaneously aiding in building up a source of funds to clear their blacklisting

If you feel that renting to buy is the right vehicle solution for you, you can click here to view our available vehicles. If you need more information on how the rent to buy process works, feel free to contact us and one of our expert and friendly staff members will gladly assist with your needs.