Rent to Buy for SMEs

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Rent to Buy for SMEs

SA Motor Lease offers an alternative solution for small and medium enterprises (SME’s) and start-up companies, who need vehicles to grow their businesses. Leasing or Renting is the most cost-effective option for people looking for long-term car rental or monthly car hire. Get the benefits of ownership without the obligation of Ownership. You are never in debt with us because we ask for payment in advance. Long term car rental with a difference.

Vehicles and Prices

We stock a wide range of Rent to Buy vehicles at competitive pricing. Click on the button below to view our available vehicles.

The Advantage of Leasing

The options are affordable and much cheaper than renting a vehicle, for instance, a Chev UTE bakkie can be leased for a fraction of the price of rental, it is R12 000 deposit and R5 800 per month including insurance, licensing and tracking for a bakkie including Canopy. This is perfect for deliveries. Renting this vehicle would be very expensive, rather lease it!