Rent to Buy Cars

Rent to Buy Cars

There are many reasons that individuals or companies are not able to get finance from a bank, limiting your ability to own a vehicle which impacts personal, business and financial growth because you can get that new job, promotion or close that new client.

SA Motor Lease offers a unique rent to buy car product to individuals or companies that are blacklisted, have impaired credit, low credit, or are under debt review, enabling you to be able to get a vehicle and achieve those goals and in this way help you get your life on track and achieve the opportunities that life has to offer.

SA Motor Lease do not offer credit or finance but helps clients that are blacklisted or cannot access credit to get a vehicle with the benefits of ownership but none of the obligations, we offer a wide variety of rent to buy cars including VW, Toyota, Mercedes, Kia, Nissan,  that allow clients to be mobile and fulfill their daily work and family commitments.

There are many benefits that rent to buy cars offers individuals and companies as the monthly rental includes licencing, tracking, insurance waivers inclusive of 3rd party cover to name a few

Application for rent to buy cars is easy and affordable allowing you to drive off the same day with a 100/100 commitment (if you have the deposit and first months rental SA Motor Lease will approve your application in 100 min once 100% of documents have been submitted)

SA Motor Lease offers some of the lowest deposit rent to buy cars with the cheapest monthly rentals inclusive of many benefits.