Cars for People Who are Blacklisted


Cars for People Who are Blacklisted

At SA Motor Lease, we have a wide range of affordable rent to buy cars for people who are blacklisted. Are you currently struggling to obtain finance or blacklisted and looking for a vehicle?

The SA Motor Lease version of Rent to Buy is not a finance product. This means we don’t look at your credit history. When you choose SA Motor Lease’s affordable rent to buy options, there are no credit checks. We help people who have been blacklisted or who are under debt review get their lives back in an affordable way.

Rent to Buy vehicle subscription services are a game-changer. Being blacklisted due to prior financial difficulties can often lead to denial of traditional vehicle financing, creating a significant barrier to obtaining necessary transportation.

Rent to Buy programs help to bridge this gap, providing an alternative pathway to car ownership that sidesteps traditional credit checks and financing hurdles.

If you feel that rent to buy from SA Motor Lease is the right vehicle solution for you, you can discuss any questions with the staff at SA Motor Lease by calling 011 640 5000 or email We are ready to help you get back on your feet! If you are looking for a shorter-term solution, Pace Car Rental has great deals on long term car rental.