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2018 Volkswagen Polo Vivo 1.4 Trendline Hatchback
Condition: Used, Preowned
Mileage: 77000
Colour: Grey
2017 Volkswagen Polo Vivo GP 1.2 TSI Comfortline
Condition: Used, Preowned
Mileage: 129000
Colour: White
2015 BMW 320i Lux Automatic
Condition: Used, Preowned
Mileage: 154000
Colour: Gold

Car Rental and Vehicle Leasing for Uber

SA Motor Lease has a special association with Pace Fleet Services for Uber Vehicles. For more information go to their website, please click here.

Leasing from Pace Fleet is actually cheaper than buying your own car, these are the major benefits of leasing your Uber car:

  1. Assistance with Permits
  2. Full maintenance coverage
  3. Replacement vehicle while your car has major repairs
  4. Full insurance coverage
  5. Replacement car included with waivers and insurance
  6. Fleet tracking system
  7. Two free weeks a year so you can take a break
  8. 2 gigs data provided
  9. Admin help provided
  10. Loyalty ownership partnership options for Uber and Taxify
  11. Seasonal options for quiet times in Cape Town

SA Motor Lease endorses the Pace Fleet product, its an empowerment product that looks at you as a business person not a renter, so you get good service and always have someone who is trying to help your with your Uber and Taxify business.

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