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Subscription Car Services

Are you looking for a company that does true subscription car services? SA Motor Lease has been doing this for years. Our delighted clients have been doing car subscriptions since 2010. Are you new in the country and need an alternative to car finance, starting a fresh venture or just starting out in life? Let us jump start your new adventure – with the wheels you need when you need them.

Subscriptions for Individuals

We offer true subscription car services. You can upgrade, downgrade and pause your subscription any time you like according to your changing lifestyle and vehicle requirements.

Depending on how well you look after your vehicle, you can carry forward credits from your existing lease to a new lease on a different vehicle. You can change from a 2 seater convertible to an SUV when your family expands. The cost of swapping is minimal so you are never stuck in a vehicle that does not suit your lifestyle or budget, and if you keep the same vehicle for long enough, you will earn enough credits to buy the vehicle from us.

All of our Rent to Buy subscriptions come with insurance and tracking. Maintenance plans are available on request.

Because subscriptions are not finance contracts, we can help people under debt review or even people who have previously been blacklisted. Our goal is to get you earning, living and back on your feet again.

Subscriptions for Businesses

Is your business growing? Do you need a vehicle for your salespeople or deliveries? Subscription car services are great. You can take a bakkie for 6 months over your busy season and pause your rental during the quiet months. It just makes sense.

If you are between salespeople, return the vehicle and pick up another one when your new person starts – no need to pay for a vehicle that is not being used.

Subscription Rent to Buy contracts with SA Motor Lease make sense for growing businesses, and we don’t do credit checks. If you have a license, the deposit and first month’s subscription, you can get the vehicles you need to run your new business.