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Recently Added Polo TDI
Condition: Used
Mileage: 85000
Colour: White
VW Polo TDi
Condition: Used
Mileage: 126000
Colour: White
Previously loved VW Polo TDI
Condition: Preowned, Used
Mileage: 145000
Colour: White

Low Deposit Rent to Buy

If you are unable to get vehicle finance due to being blacklisted, having a low / bad credit score or being under debt review SA Motor Lease is able to offer an affordable rent to buy option that has all the benefits of ownership with none of the obligations.

Having reviewed our industry competitors SA Motor lease offers some of the lowest deposits and cheapest monthly rentals on our rent to buy cars.

Our rent to buy loyalty program has an average non-refundable deposit of R 12000 and cheap monthly rentals starting at R 3500 per month inclusive of licencing, tracking and insurance waivers.

When renting a car on a monthly basis you will pay a lower refundable deposit, but if you join the SA Motor Lease rent to buy loyalty program having a car for as little as 6 months it will be much cheaper in the long run and there are so many benefits that the rent to buy option offers to persons with low credit, no credit, are blacklisted, under debit review or are on ITC .

It is easy to take a car on rent to buy with SA Motor Lease and you can return the car at any time without any penalties or additional costs OR finance the car at the bank once your credit record has been re-established.

If you are under debt review SA Motor Lease encourages you to consult your debt counselor about your change in circumstance.


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