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VW Polo TDi
Condition: Used
Mileage: 126000
Colour: White
Previously loved VW Polo TDI
Condition: Preowned, Used
Mileage: 145000
Colour: White
Kia Picanto Deal
Condition: Preowned, preloved
Mileage: 53000
Colour: White

SUV Rent to Buy

SA Motor Lease offers the very best deals on SUV’s for rent to buy.  When you are on the road and need some extra ground clearance, or have large loads, or just kids with lots of sporting equipment, an SUV makes sense.

We have the following products in our range:

  • Toyota Fortuner Rent to Buy is for people with serious off roading needs or really big families.
  • Nissan Xtrail is large and offers the most space for rent to buy vehicles
  • Ford Kuga is the cheapest on rent to buy, with the best value for money
  • Ford Ecosport is a mini SUV that gives extra height and better safety and vision
  • Toyota Rav 4 is a solid partner for you, it’s got the same specs as the Kuga, but with the Toyota badge and all round reliability

You may be new in the country and want to get an exciting SUV rather than the normal boring sedan your company rents for you.  An SUV on rent to buy is the best way for you to get an SUV at an affordable monthly rate and explore South Africa the way it was meant to be explored.  At SA Motor Lease we will find you the SUV you require and get the benefits of ownership.  No early termination penalties, so if you decide to upgrade downgrade or terminate early, you can still sell the vehicle and take the profit, no need to keep the same vehicle for 48 months.

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