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Rent to Buy Cars Pretoria

SA Motor Lease offers Rent to Buy vehicles in Pretoria. Located in Hatfield, we stock a wide range of vehicles to cater for all needs and budgets. Whether you are blacklisted, under debt review or have no/low credit and need mobility, we can help. Find out now if you qualify for a Rent to Own car in Pretoria.

We also have a branch in Johannesburg that can assist you with a vehicle if you are based further south in Gauteng.

All you need in order to apply for Rent to Own cars Pretoria are the following:

  • Live and work in Gauteng.
  • Have a take-home salary of R15,000 or more per month. If you are legally married and have a combined household income of R15,000 or more per month, you can do a joint application.
  • Have a valid ID and driver’s license.

Whether you are an individual looking for a Rent to Buy vehicle or are the owner of a company that needs to grow their business, a Rent to Buy car is the perfect solution for you. We have a vehicle to suit every need and budget. Simply visit our branch in Pretoria today for assistance.