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Great Deals

2019 Nissan Almera Acenta Automatic
Condition: Used, Preowned
Mileage: 33000
Colour: White
2019 Toyota Etios
Condition: Used, Preowned
Mileage: 30000
Colour: Grey
2013 Renault Clio IV 900T
Condition: Used, Preowned
Mileage: 81000
Colour: Brown

Rent to Buy Family Car

Quite often in South Africa, if you have a family, you need to have a car.  If you are not able to get finance, rent to buy may be the option for you and your family.  Our rent to buy product is not a finance product, so you will not be subjected to credit checks.  Rent to buy has all the benefits of ownership, without the obligations.

You can take your kids to school, get to work and get your life back on track with our great deals on family cars.  We will find the rent to buy vehicle for you that has the isofix points and safety features for your family.  Currently we have great deals on the Nissan Almera, which has a service plan to 90,000kms and most are very low mileage vehicles.  It is also the most economical vehicle on fuel out of the large sedans.  The boot space is huge and suitable for you and your clan to go on long distance trips and holidays.

If you prefer automatic vehicles, then we would recommend the Kia Rio.  This is a stunning vehicle, also with large boot space for you family holidays. Just because you are blacklisted, does not mean that you will be prevented from caring for your family.  The Kia Rio is a stylish vehicle and the automatic gearbox helps when stuck in traffic, although automatic vehicles do use more fuel.

We look forward to helping you get your family back on track with our awesome deals on these family rent to buy deals.

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