Rent to Buy Cars Cape Town

Rent to Buy Cars Cape Town

Rent to BUY car lease in Cape Town and surrounding area

Renting to buy a car in and around Cape Town has never been this easy with SA Motor Lease We go to great lengths to ensure that we have a hassle free rent to buy car process, putting us in a position to help people get the car they deserve, even though they can’t buy a car through vehicle finance channels, you can get the benefits without the obligations of debt or finance. 

SA Motor Lease has a great supply of vehicles and the vehicle availability list is updated daily to give you only the best. We offer a wide range of car models that are quality tested and checked. 

Don’t Finance It – Lease It!

Apply online now by clicking on the button below, alternatively call us on 021 386 2411 if you are looking for more information around our rent to buy lease deals in Cape Town and the immediate surroundings!

Rent to Buy Cars Cape Town

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Rent to Buy Cars Cape Town

SA Motor Lease offers Rent to Buy cars in Cape Town. Located in Airport Industria, we stock a wide range of vehicles to cater for all needs and budgets. Whether you are blacklisted or under debt review and need mobility, we can help. Find out now if you qualify for Rent to Own cars Cape Town.

All you need in order to apply for a Rent to Buy vehicle in Cape Town are the following:

  • Live and work in Cape Town or the surrounding suburbs.
  • Have a take-home salary of R15,000 or more per month. If you are legally married and have a combined household income of R15,000 or more per month, you can do a joint Rent to Buy vehicle application.
  • Have a valid ID and driver’s license.

Whether you are an individual looking for a Rent to Own car in Cape Town are the owner of a company that needs to grow their business, a Rent to Buy car is the perfect solution for you. We have a vehicle to suit every need and budget. Simply visit our branch in Cape Town today for assistance.