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2018 Renault Kwid Expression
Condition: Used
Mileage: 50000
Colour: Red
2018 Renault Kwid Expression
Condition: Used
Mileage: 30000
Colour: Copper
2017 Chevrolet Spark
Condition: Used
Mileage: 107000
Colour: White

Private Leasing Individuals

Affordable Private Car Leasing

Are you an expat that needs transport?  Are you looking for private car leasing that is not only affordable, but offers a wide range of cars to choose from? Look no further! SA Motor Lease offers private car lease deals to individuals that are both affordable and flexible.

At SA Motor Lease our private vehicle lease process is simple, you contact us and let us know what vehicle you are looking for and for how long.  We will then buy the vehicle and lease it to you on a monthly basis, so think of it as a longer term car hire.


Why choose SA Motor Lease for your Private Vehicle Leasing Requirements

  • We offer some of the most affordable leases in the industry.
  • We are highly flexible with the private car lease term.
  • You get to choose a car from a wide variety of cars.
  • Monthly payments includes insurance and maintenance.
  • SA Motor Lease allows you to exit your agreement with us with no additional costs.

Leasing for Expats or Foreigners

We offer expats highly affordable private car leasing that not only allow them to drive the car of their choice, but also allow them to take a 48 month rent to buy lease option under the assumption that their work permit would most likely be renewed, making it one of the best car ownership options for expats in South Africa.

Private Car Leasing Cost Example

A typical lease (9-12 months) would have the following terms for a Polo Vivo 1.4 base or a Toyota Corolla Impact.

Deposit: R10 000 (Refundable)

Monthly Rental: R4 950 (including insurance and maintenance)

If you stick to your rental term of 9 – 12 months, you get your R10 000 back after any damage and used fuel have been deducted.

Call SA Motor Lease on 011 640 5000 today for the best hassle free private car leasing deal in South Africa.


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