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2017 Ford Figo
Condition: neat, clean, good as new, Used, Preowned, preloved
Mileage: 157000
Colour: White
2015 Red Audi A3
Condition: Preowned
Mileage: 123000
Colour: Red
2013 Mazda 3
Condition: Preowned
Mileage: 142000
Colour: White


How Does Car Leasing For Uber Drivers’ Work?

SA Motor Lease has a driver rental scheme that allows drivers to basically run their own Uber business. Don’t accept the normal 20% of turnover when instead, you can lease a vehicle from SA Motor Lease and make more than R10,000 per month (if you are a clever business...

Car Rental and Vehicle Leasing for Uber

SA Motor Lease has a special association with Pace Fleet Services for Uber Vehicles. For more information go to their website, please click here. Leasing from Pace Fleet is actually cheaper than buying your own car, these are the major benefits of leasing your Uber...

Car Lease for Blacklisted

At SA Motor Lease we offer our unique version of rent to buy and this is available to individuals and companies who may be blacklisted and cannot gain access to traditional bank finance. SA Motor Lease does not offer a credit or a finance product but rather an...

Cars for People with No Credit History

Are you looking for a car and have no credit history? Maybe you’re just a graduate with a new job and no vehicle? Having bad or no credit history can create finance hassles when trying to purchase a vehicle. It seems nearly impossible to get a car loan! A long term...

Help To Buy Cars

RENT TO BUY – VEHICLE LEASES FOR BLACKLISTEDSA Motor Lease says don’t finance it, lease it or rent it.  Lets us help you get your freedom back with our same day service.Our rent to buy contracts work differently to finance, so that you are never locked into a contract...

Rent To Buy Cars Cape Town

SA Motor Lease offers some of the cheapest rent to buy options on late model, low mileage vehicles, you may get them cheaper but as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”.Having done an industry review SA Motor Lease is confident that they offer the cheapest...

Rent To Buy Bakkies

Are you blacklisted and need a car?  Are you an expat that doesn’t qualify for vehicle finance? SA Motor Lease can help you get the car or bakkie you need on an affordable rent to buy car lease deal, with our rent to buy program, which is a non-finance credit product...

Car Finance for People Under Debt Review

Car finance is typically not available for persons under debt review, the only cost effective alternative to renting at sky high prices is to look at options available for rent to buy.  SA Motor Lease will review and approve your application within 100 minutes once...

Car Finance for Blacklisted Individuals

Car finance is usually unavailable for blacklisted individuals, in fact if you could find finance, you would no longer refer to yourself as blacklisted.  The only cost effective alternative to renting at sky high prices is to look at options available for rent to buy,...

Rent to Buy Cars

There are many reasons that individuals or companies are not able to get finance from a bank, limiting your ability to own a vehicle which impacts personal, business and financial growth because you can get that new job, promotion or close that new client…

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