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2017 Nissan Almera
Condition: Used
Mileage: 43000
Colour: Silver
2017 Ford Ranger Single Cab
Condition: Used
Mileage: 52000
Colour: White
2016 Toyota Fortuner
Condition: Used
Mileage: 97000
Colour: White

Car Leasing for Expats/Foreign Nationals

Are you an expat in South Africa?  Do you need a car for an extended period of time? Not sure whether long term car rental or leasing is the best for you? SA Motor Lease offers hassle free car leasing for expats in South Africa.


Why Expats and Foreigners Choose to Lease their Cars from SA Motor Lease

  • Our car lease rates are highly affordable
  • You can choose your make and model, we will source the vehicle for you
  • We are flexible with our expat car lease term
  • Expats can lease the car of their choice
  • Car lease payments include insurance, waivers and maintenance
  • We allow expats to take long term lease deals (longer than work permit period) with our end of term purchase loyalty scheme under the assumption that their work permit would most likely be renewed
  • Don’t struggle to get around without a car, give SA Motor Lease a call on 011 640 5000 to enquire about our affordable expat car leasing deals. Or check out Pace Fleet Services for more deals on leasing for expats

Can’t afford the deposit yet? See Pace Car Rental’s long term car rental specials.


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