Great Deals

Previously loved VW Polo TDI
Condition: Preowned, Used
Mileage: 145000
Colour: White
Kia Picanto Deal
Condition: Preowned, preloved
Mileage: 53000
Colour: White
2017 Ford Figo
Condition: neat, clean, good as new, Used, Preowned, preloved
Mileage: 157000
Colour: White

Bad Credit

Many consumers with bad credit are no longer able to able to access car finance and are often forced to use unscrupulous “credit lenders” or loan sharks in order to achieve their transport requirements.

SA Motor Lease offers our unique rent to buy product in order to provide customers that have bad credit the opportunity to have a vehicle without the obligations of ownership or the high costs of rental or loan shark lending. Clients with bad credit can apply for our version of rent to buy that offers many of the benefits of ownership with none of the obligations. Let us help you.

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