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2017 Kia Picanto 1.0 Street
Condition: Used, Preowned
Mileage: 56000
Colour: White
2019 Kia Sportage 1.6 GDI Automatic
Condition: Used, Preowned
Mileage: 45000
Colour: White
2018 Renault Sandero Turbo Expression
Condition: Used, Preowned
Mileage: 46000
Colour: White

Lease a Car for People Under Debt Review

SA Motor Lease offers vehicle leases that are not finance products.  If you are under debt review you have certain responsibilities, that need to be discussed with your debt councilor in order to repay your debts.  Once you have ascertained what you can afford to spend on a vehicle you can come to SA Motor Lease and get a car with one of our non-finance products.

These products allow you to upgrade, down grade and terminate your contract at any time without penalties.

As a responsible person under debt review, you have the following options to get a car from SA Motor Lease:

Fixed Term Lease

With a lease, you have the full package, this includes insurance, maintenance tracker and licensing.  At the end of the lease period, you can either return the vehicle, or negotiate an extension of the contract.

Rent to Buy

With rent to buy you take the vehicle on a month to month lease, with insurance, licensing and tracking, but excluding maintenance.  To reward loyalty we will sell the vehicle at the end of 48 months and we take R100 and you take the rest of the proceeds.  The big advantage of rent to buy is that we don’t limit the mileage.  You are responsible for the maintenance, but the kilometers are not capped.

Generally when a person is under debt review who needs a car, they are in a position where they will very soon be credit worthy again.  A car is a key to life in south Africa, and without it many people can not make a living, so our cost effective deals help you during your time of need.  We allow our customers to cancel anytime if they feel they can get a better deal elsewhere, and with the rent to buy option we will sell your car to the bank should you become credit worthy and wish to take the vehicle and finance it with the bank.

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