Wide Range of Rent to Own Vehicle Lease Deals

Are you blacklisted and need a car?  Are you an expat that doesn’t qualify for vehicle finance? SA Motor Lease can help you get the car you need on an affordable rent to buy car lease deal, with our loyal renter program.

How our rent to own car lease works

Renting to own a car have never been this easy, at SA Motor Lease, you choose the vehicle you want, add a first option to buy/sell to your contract and pay your lease every month for 48 months.  After the 48 months (if you made all the necessary payments), we will take only R100 on the sale of the vehicle.

We have gone to great lengths in order to ensure that we have a hassle free rent to own car process, putting us in a position to help people who are forced to rent because they can’t buy a car through vehicle finance, to get the car that they deserve.  Our rent to own business started when people who were loyal customers asked us if we could give them the vehicle if they rented it for so many years.  We realised that loyal customers are profitable customers and they deserve to be rewarded.  Obviously lots of customers take advantage of the upgrade, and downgrade options, and the option to return the vehicle anytime without penalty.

Don’t Finance It – Lease It!

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