Our Promise

We at SA Motor Lease are confident that leasing is the right way for a large portion of the South African population, expats and most often overseas contractors who require a lease rather than a rental or financing. When you contract with SA Motor Lease you are not locked into the contract. We are so confident that leasing is the best option for our customer that, we say “You can exit our agreements with no penalties (unless otherwise contracted) at anytime. You can also buy yourself out of our contracts at any time should you decide that you want to transfer your contract to a conventional finance institution."

SA Motor Lease will insure your vehicle and make sure that so long as you obey the laws of the country you are covered for any losses or accidents while you are leasing the vehicle.

SA Motor Lease will also make sure you get the benefit of the best prices on servicing and maintaining your vehicle. Our fleet department will guide you on how to and where to get the best and most cost effective service.

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