SA Motor Lease Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do I qualify for a rent to own car if I am blacklisted?

Yes, SA Motor Lease accepts blacklisted individuals.

  • Where is your company situated?

JHB: 34, 14th street Marlboro 

CPT: Unit 6, Airport Business Park, Cnr Michigan str & Borcherds Quarry rd, Airport Industria 

PE: 54 Union Rd, Walmer near Airport

  • Tell me more about rent to own

It is a 48-month rental agreement with the option to buy the vehicle out at any time in the period. After 48 on time payments you can purchase the car for R100.

  • How much is the required deposit? If I pay a higher deposit will my rental payments decrease?

The deposit is vehicle dependant but usually R12 000. A higher deposit will decrease the monthly rental amount

  • Can you give me a stock list of all available vehicles including what their rentals will be?

The website gives a good indication as to the types of vehicles we do most commonly as well as the prices for each car

  • When is the deposit and rentals due and payable?

The deposit and the first month’s rental are payable upfront once a vehicle has been confirmed

  • I saw a special on your website, is it still available?

The website gives an indication as to the cars we do most commonly as well as the associated prices. Should a vehicle with similar specifications be available the special will apply

  • Do you accept trade-in?

Unfortunately, not.

  • What are the requirements to be able to apply?

The basic requirement is that you need to be based in Gauteng, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth have a net income of R14000 per month

  • I am currently under debt review/blacklisted, can you assist? Do you do Credit checks?

Yes, we can assist you, we do credit checks but an adverse credit record does not mean that you will not qualify

  • Does overtime count towards the net salary requirement?

If it can be proved on a consistent basis

  • Do I have to make a balloon payment at the end of the lease period?

NO, after 48 on time payments the purchase price of the vehicle is R100

  • Can I purchase the car during the lease term?

Yes, you have the option to buy the vehicle out at a pre-determined cash price at any time in the contract

  • Do I still qualify for a vehicle if I have no credit rating at all?

                        Yes, SA Motor Lease will help you purchase your first car.

  • Can I apply with my spouse?

Yes, joint applications are welcome

  • I am self-employed, can I apply?

Yes, you can, we would need business as well as personal bank statements

  • I am a foreigner in SA, can I apply?

Yes, you can, provided you have the necessary permits to be in the country and are permanently employed

  • How long does it take from applying to receive a car?

Applications are processed within a week, thereafter it works on a first come first served basis depending on vehicle availability

  • I need a car urgently, and I am blacklisted; can you assist?

Should we have a vehicle available we will gladly assist

  • I need a car for a few months, can you assist?

Our parent company, Pace Car Rental, is the preferred long-term car rental company in Gauteng, Cape Town & Port Elizabeth 

  • Is the insurance comprehensive insurance?

YES, it does not include personal items in the vehicle, insurance is linked to the on time monthly rental payments

  • Do I get unlimited mileage?

There is no limit on the mileage

  • Who is responsible for the maintenance of the car?

The monthly rental includes licensing, tracking and insurance, you are responsible for the maintenance

  • How much is the deposit and rental for bakkies?

Generally, between R10 000 and R15 000, but it is dependent on the vehicle 



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